BLMBRG is at the very start of its journey towards becoming a champion of mindful consumption. It all starts with us – both our small team and our suppliers, who we see as an extension of ourselves. We have direct and close relations with everyone in our supplier network, and these relationships are built on shared values and trust. We know exactly who is making our clothes, where they are, and how they are doing it. And we know they are as committed as we are to managing our social and environmental impact, and striving to become a force for good, which influences the global fashion agenda.

Mindful consumption starts at the point of conception of a product, and responsible sourcing is inseparable from design. We see all our garments inhabiting a full life cycle, with re-use, repair and recycling built in from the start. And we work with our suppliers to ensure the materials we use are low-impact, and organic where possible, and that we have full traceability throughout our supply chain. This approach applies to the materials we use for packaging, which we also aim to minimise wherever we can.

Producing with the planet in mind means considering the emissions associated with every step of our journey into the future, and that of every garment we create. And the close control and accountability we pride ourselves on means we can uphold ethical standards for everyone we touch, and ensure our principles of fairness are put in place.

In our collection most of the fibres we use are natural or recycled, and sourced from the country they are produced in, minimising our transport impact. We have been mindful from the start, because this is the motivating force that drives our journey into the future.